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This is the home of very few Activity Pub accounts. It uses Takahē.

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Personal money management

I’ve got an appointment with someone to come look at my flat tomorrow, which has been automatically scheduled for 8:20-9:20am tomorrow. There should be a law against scheduling things before 9:30am. Also willing to bet I’ll get up early to make sure I’m ready and they’ll show up at 9:20, when I’d have been up anyway.

Me: “Why am I feeling so off this morning?”
Also me: Has consumed nothing but caffeine since getting up.

Due to the small Python program I wrote to solve one of the puzzles in Botany Manor I’ve decided the player character isn’t whichever made up Victorian Lady the game thinks she is, and is in fact Ada Lovelace herself, who enjoys a bit of botany when not helping Mr Babbage out with his analytical engine.

Edited 1d ago

Botany Manor is a charming little game about finding the growing conditions for plants, just what I needed this evening to finish off the day.

I’ve spent a significant amount of today 3D modelling the main room of my flat and the furniture in it to try and find an optimal layout. I have now concluded the current one is as good as it gets while still being able to look out the window while working.

I left my previous job a year and a half ago and I’m still getting emails from GoCardless saying direct debit mandates from test transactions have expired.

I got given this 80 minute video of beautiful engineering by YouTube just as I was about to go to bed. It’s now midnight and I regret nothing

IMPORTANT DISCOVERY! Calpol syringes can be used as a crap slide whistle.

Amongst other things I just took delivery of a satellite dish with a laser mounted on it, much to the bemusement of the guy driving the truck.