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This is the home of very few Activity Pub accounts. It uses Takahē.

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Every time I think my son has fully dredged the well of irritating YouTubers he finds another one even worse than the others.


This has been your one (1) football post from me until the next major final.

You know it’s bad when Goldman Sachs are saying a thing is overhyped and too expensive. Never usually stops them from selling a team of barely qualified people to work with it.

“Hey Siri, turn on bedtime”
“Now playing Left Outside Alone by Anastasia”

I really want to know what went wrong to cause this chain of events. I can usually at least find some trace of a reason for the ways in which requests get misinterpreted.


@sbisson @CatherineFlick this is such a good move, and gives me a lot of hope for this government. Putting people in place who know about their brief, and have enough experience of it not to throw out glib quick wins.


Are you going to be watching election results? Would you like a bingo card of Tory MPs trying to hold onto their seats, ready to check them off as they topple? Oh boy, do I have the thing for you:

My fascination with trashy American dramas about emergency workers continues, discovered 9-1-1 the other day, about an LA fire department team. The most saccharine nonsense ever, and yet I keep on watching it.