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This is the home of very few Activity Pub accounts. It uses Takahē.

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If GPT and other LLMs are trained on the Internet, and an increasing chunk of the internet is generated by GPT and other LLMs, does that mean we’ve created an AI that’s going to get gradually stupider as time goes on? Is this in fact not the beginning of AI, but the best it’s ever going to be?

I’d love to see the wall of my next door neighbour’s living room. Judging by the hour or so of drilling every weekend I can only assume it’s entirely covered in pictures.

I really need to find a way to effectively back off social media use for a while. I just spent 90 minutes doing nothing but rotating between apps, when I’d been about to go to bed and read instead. Recommendations would be very welcome, I’ll be starting with some decent screen time restrictions, which currently only apply to Twitter.

I demand to know why we live in the boring cyberpunk future, rather than the fun one where we're all running around with these bad-boys on our wrists.

Me: `mkdir -p /path/to/directory`
Computer: `/path/to/directory: No such file or directory`

I think I might just give up on today and skip straight to the week off.

Zelda has achieved the impossible by presenting me with two boss fights in a row which I not only didn’t hate with a passion, but even quite enjoyed. 10/10.

Woke up this morning after a dream with a head full of things that needed doing at work. Sat up, then realised it was 6am, and I no longer work at the company I had a head full of things that needed doing for.

Oh good, its mental health awareness week. Brace for a week of being told how doing a bit of colouring in and listening to recordings of waterfalls will solve all your ills.

Just got a promoted tweet announcing the product I'd been working on before leaving my last job (in itself, a rebrand of what I'd been doing for years before that). Really weird to see something in the wild I was once so deeply involved with, and yet am now almost completely disconnected from.