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Our cozy little 200 person construction worker cosplay camping trip has been rudely invaded by several thousand people who seem to think there’s some kind of festival on. Quite rude really.

OH: "You're another person who's younger than my boots"

“I don’t want to call when I’m on the train because I’ll have no privacy” says the woman talking loudly into a phone behind me in the waiting room. Volume is turned up loud enough I can hear both sides of the conversation.

Train to EMF leaves in under twelve hours, so I guess I’ve put off packing for as long as possible now.

Me, in the normal world: "Ugh, why wouldn't you say think you? It's just basic good manners."
Me, when using a ticketing system: "Ugh, why did you say thank you? Now I have to close the thread again."

How is it I’m always drowning in USB memory sticks until the moment I need one?

Today in the name of getting things done I committed code which comes with a three paragraph apology to the next person who encounters it.

I look forward to receiving an apology from my past self in two year’s time.

I am now on holiday from my job developing embedded Linux systems for 2.5 weeks, so of course I'm celebrating that by developing an embedded Linux system in the early hours of the morning.

I am packing. I truly hate packing.

I don't know what everyone has against clubbing seals, they're incredibly cute.

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It’s meant to be.

The ten year old’s current EMF status: “I can barely contain my excitement!”

Might have to adjust some of my home automation timings until after EMF, I keep finding I’ve been doing stuff in the dark for an hour because my flat thinks it’s bedtime.

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Now THIS is the ultimate in capitalist greenwashing.

@astrid @gsuberland just run strings over it, it’s the only way to be sure.

Pro tip: when ordering a takeaway on the phone don’t stand in your open window while loudly reading out your card details. I’m not going to use my neighbours card to order something for myself, but I totally could.

I am once again demanding an “it’s ok, nothing to worry about” message on the outside of HMRC envelopes which contain good/neutral news.

I had somehow entirely missed Eurovision is tomorrow until right now, presumably because I no longer use Twitter which would historically alert me to it months in advance with the constant stream of takes.

@benno I actually let out a little scream when I saw it.

Next time round I'm going to call up every supplier who spams EMF suggesting they can replace [thing] for us just to see how confused they are by the requirements. "Yes phone supplier, support for dial-up networking is crucial, as is fax to ActivityPub."

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Landowner David Hampton planted larch pines in a Douglas fir forest in Oregon in the shape of a giant, 300 feet smiley face 🙂

Every autumn, the larch pines turn orange, and the smiley face stands out.

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it's not an underpowered, headless, single-board computer, it's a ...

The average festival does not result in thousands of lines of code in the preceding month. Electromagnetic Field was an outlier and should not have been counted.

Someone just walked into this pub with a child and a ukulele. As far as I’m concerned that should be grounds for getting instantly barred.

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*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

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