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We're always excited that so many people want to come to EMF, but sad that we can't offer everyone a ticket. So, some frequently asked questions:

There's no fair way of allocating tickets. Any kind of lottery would require verifying people's identity to prevent abuse, and we don't want to be collecting that level of personal data.

We set the event size based on our capacity to run the event. We're all volunteers, so the only way we can grow EMF is if more people volunteer to help run it. (Plus, volunteering guarantees you a ticket to the next event.)

Also, we're not sure we want to grow infinitely. There are logistical and regulatory challenges to growing, and growth invariably changes the event.

We'd really like to encourage people to run their own camping events - there's certainly demand! They don't have to be as big as EMF to be enjoyable - here's Hackaday writing about CampGND:

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It took approx 29 seconds to sell out of our last batch of EMF tickets. So now your only hope is to submit a talk, workshop, or installation! Tell us about the cool stuff you do! @emf

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Okay, the NCA did a 10/10 job with the trolling of LockBit here.

@james @erincandescent @Floppy @pikesley in my experience code review of CSS is… lacking outside of dedicated frontend teams, and sadly the vast majority of teams are the mythical Full Stack team, which in practice tends to mean a bunch of backend people begrudgingly dealing with Javascript and CSS. At least we’re not using tables full of carefully sliced images anymore I guess.

@james @Floppy @pikesley this is very true, and typically what I’ll do now because it’s easier to make up a few classes than learn an entire framework. I just can’t help thinking there must be *something* to it for so many people to jump on it, it can’t all just be that Tailwind is the fashionable thing.

@Floppy @james @pikesley any time I’ve looked at Tailwind I’ve felt the same way. There’s *something* there, but it feels like they went halfway by introducing a bunch of reusable classes and then stopped before adding the pre-processor that’s so obviously needed to translate .callout to a class incorporating .x-large, .float-left, .padding-2 and so on.

Today in parental tech support: Running strings on the 40 odd Minecraft mods my son has installed to work out which of them popped the message "Obsidian man is here" before messing up his world.

I want to be cross at the mod maker for doing that and causing some degree of distress, but they did call the mode "Trolls & Traps", so really all I can do is nod with respect at them.

@solderandchaos is that a pregnant piggin?

@q @cato I’m always really disappointed when e-unicycles aren’t actual unicycles. Life would be more exciting if there were regularly clowns belting around at 30mph while precariously balanced on a single wheel.

@clark @avdi likewise, although I suspect it will also be safer for people around cars if they’re automated and constantly paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Today in incongruous sponsor reads, Better Help, in the middle of a video about Mario Maker. I’d love to see the ROI on selling therapy to kids who want to make Mario levels.

@pikesley that’s not a hat, he’s just doing that thing where you stick your boxers on your head because it looks funny. He’s even got the grin for it.

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@bynkii @hazelweakly If clicking links and opening documents on the link-clicking document-opening machine is a security issue, that's not the responsibility of the person whose job it is to click links and open documents.

Someone else needs to make those activities safe. Probably the same person who sends out phishing emails to the people whose job it is to read emails and click links.

@CatherineFlick will this be the year I successfully make pancakes, or it will be another year where I just make a horrific mess of my kitchen while swearing profusely? Pancakes truly are my nemesis.

GitHub Codespaces. For when you accidentally put your work laptop in your bag before going out to work on personal stuff.

Also a shout out to the dispatchers, who are doing similar but over crap phone lines talking panicked members of the public through it.

Watching Ambulance on iPlayer and as ever blown away by paramedics, paid an absolute pittance to do twelve hour shifts in some of the most stressful situations imaginable.

@james this a) is horrible and b) grimly amused me, because yesterday I saw someone saying “if you want advice on how to walk ask the person with mobility issues, not the person who’s been able to walk since the age of two, because the former has thought about it way more”.

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government just going full fascist now.

“No protestor should be able to evade justice” obviously implying that the views all protestors as criminals (which of course, they do)

@mattgrayyes oh no

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If anybody remembers the UK company called DROP TABLES "COMPANIES";-- LTD, I just noticed that this has happened - before and after.

The back story is the UK government changed the law (lol) to stop it - specifically the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill 2022.

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@gsuberland SegmentBy is my instinctive thought

@solderandchaos GitHub Pages. Drop some markdown + image in the right place, push to GitHub, website is updated.

Get yourself a manager who when you say “I’m fried, going to put down this project and work on some easy stuff for a couple of days” whole heartedly backs you on it.

@CatherineFlick @jonty the only acceptable version of that song: