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Personal money management
Personal money management

I am of course not willing enough to bet on that not to get up early. That would guarantee an 8:20 arrival, and answering the door to a surveyor in nothing but my boxers, which isn’t a thing anyone should have inflicted on them that early in the day.

I’ve got an appointment with someone to come look at my flat tomorrow, which has been automatically scheduled for 8:20-9:20am tomorrow. There should be a law against scheduling things before 9:30am. Also willing to bet I’ll get up early to make sure I’m ready and they’ll show up at 9:20, when I’d have been up anyway.

@herdingdata yeah, I have similar issues. My reminders app is full of recurring daily (sometimes multiple times daily) reminders which I’ve become blind to. I’ll just tap away the notification before processing it.

@herdingdata this is great, I want to set one up and have it send me notifications of regular tasks which I’d then be able to put on a big spike like a kitchen.

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How many professional programmers are working on pointless and/or actively harmful products?

Give me your best guess.

(If you vote, please boost to diversify the results. It’s polite.)

Options: (choose one)

@alice_watson more relevantly “it was determined certain technologies” is a masterpiece in passive writing. It was the technologies, we had nothing to do with this.

@alice_watson whenever I read the name Kaiser Permanente it takes me a second to remember they’re a real company rather than the cause of something terrible happening in a survival horror game. (Although let’s face it, if anyone does end up causing that it’ll be a US healthcare company)

Me: “Why am I feeling so off this morning?”
Also me: Has consumed nothing but caffeine since getting up.

Due to the small Python program I wrote to solve one of the puzzles in Botany Manor I’ve decided the player character isn’t whichever made up Victorian Lady the game thinks she is, and is in fact Ada Lovelace herself, who enjoys a bit of botany when not helping Mr Babbage out with his analytical engine.

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Happy Monday!

Botany Manor is a charming little game about finding the growing conditions for plants, just what I needed this evening to finish off the day.

@mia what on Earth is this witchcraft? I had no idea you could placeholders in Activitypub.

I’ve spent a significant amount of today 3D modelling the main room of my flat and the furniture in it to try and find an optimal layout. I have now concluded the current one is as good as it gets while still being able to look out the window while working.

@internetsdairy congrats, I never managed to recover after wining the mug in 2018.

@norm but also yes, everything old is new again. Welcome to Web 2.1.

@norm depending on what you need to do, and whether you need to support older browsers, vanilla JavaScript without a framework is fine now.

I left my previous job a year and a half ago and I’m still getting emails from GoCardless saying direct debit mandates from test transactions have expired.

@herdingdata @FroggyMakes @jonty @John I for one would love to fax fax facts facts.

I got given this 80 minute video of beautiful engineering by YouTube just as I was about to go to bed. It’s now midnight and I regret nothing

@chewie yeah, it’s gorgeous when the laser is working (not tooting my own trumpet here, I acquired it from a local social space which was forced to shut down)

@chewie it was coming back from EMF, sadly I didn’t get a photo before the laser died (probably full of dust)

@bill the video team are currently on it getting the pipeline sorted, and might be looking for help soon. Find them @video.