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My fascination with trashy American dramas about emergency workers continues, discovered 9-1-1 the other day, about an LA fire department team. The most saccharine nonsense ever, and yet I keep on watching it.

@Viss @catsalad why is he making the wanker gesture at someone? Did one of the journalists say something offensive?

@gsuberland on the other hand it may be the perfect show, as you repeatedly see Colm Meany dragged through hell.

@simon it also somewhat depends on how risky deployments are. For a typical web app, sure, ship it. Currently I’m working on distributed embedded devices, where I’m not at the level of confidence I feel would be needed to do automated releases on push to the entire fleet.

@simon It Depends. If you’ve got a test suite you trust, and the tooling to handle database migrations and feature flagging it’s great. Ship early, ship often.

If you don’t have those things you’re in for a whole world of pain.

Me, when answering questions about attention to detail: “It’s sometimes an issue, but generally fine, I wouldn’t say I’m much worse than average”

Also me: Enters two separate events in my calendar on the wrong days, arranges childcare cover for a time when said child will be at school, and then panics when I realise I don’t have any cover for an important appointment planned months ago.

3 days to go until election day, do you know where your voter ID is? If not, get it sorted now. (And petition your new MP to revoke this bloody stupid law once they’re in place)

@gsuberland I’m curious, how do you learn to build complex stuff like this? I’m starting from the point of a barely remembered A level in electronics, unused for anything more complex than wiring a temperature sensor up to an ESP8266 for the last 20 odd years.

@pikesley sound like you’d like AWS Cloudwatch Logs, who’s CLI team consider streaming logs from their log service to be an inconsequential feature best left to third party tools.

@RachaelAva1024 take it, plug it into a machine I don’t care about without an internet connection.

I need some sort of small project to get my teeth into. Currently buying the flat I live in which will then become a huge project of decorating and DIY, but until then I feel like I’m in limbo.

@trekkies there’s no need to call me out like this.

@Edent I’d say yes, just because security on the account is somewhat compromised, but don’t leap out of bed to do it. I’m never quite comfortable trusting 2FA alone because so many companies are willing to turn it off if someone calls them up with an appropriate sounding sob story.

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new revolutionary slogan unlocked

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Today we're waiting for an IKEA delivery that, according to their email, will be a 10x10x10 cm box weighing 14 kg.

So density-wise that has to contain berkelium, californium, protactinium, tantalum, uranium, gold, tungsten, plutonium, neptunium, rhenium, platinum, iridium, or osmium.

We're of course hoping for platinum, and really not for plutonium, because the critical mass is 11 kg...

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Happy new The Bear day to all those who celebrate!

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The boss makes a dollar,
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Now his boss makes 1000
While I make a cent
And he's got employees
That can't make the rent

When the CEO makes a million
And we don't make jack
That's when we riot
To take it all back

Now Mr investor
If this seems extreme
I have to remind you
It beats guillotines

(from a user on Reddit)

@fesshole would you rather they threw it in your front garden? Are so many bags of dog shit going in your bin you can’t fit your own rubbish in? I will never understand people who get worked up about people putting rubbish in bins.

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@universalhub IT HAPPENED!! 👀

@gsuberland @leo there’s also not a lot of complex concepts to communicate. It’s almost all just factual labels describing a particular material.

I find it incredibly funny that someone had to fill in a form confirming that the light switches and plug sockets are included in the sale of my flat. Does anyone ever tick the no box on that?

@saraislet it’s ok, because they’re projected to only be a fraction of the emissions from business travel. (Which according to their own website makes up 68% of all Carbon emissions by PwC)

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Was reminded today that Bonzi Buddy was derided as spyware two decades ago for doing considerably less than the telemetry in virtually every modern application.

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The fact that Microsoft Teams 🤮 contains a feature called "Teams" where actual teams can create a Team, and at Microsoft the teams working on that feature probably have a Team to discuss the Teams feature, suggests that there exists a Microsoft Microsoft Teams Teams Teams' Microsoft Teams Team.